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BID OPENING DATE & TIME: June 12, 2023 10:00 AM



The Western Will County Communications Center (WESCOM) owns, operates and
maintains a wireless radio network for the purpose of monitoring and receiving fire, burglar,
trouble and supervisory alarm signals from premise equipment. The radio transmitter that
connects to on-site premise equipment is also owned by WESCOM. All premises that
connect to WESCOM’s alarm network fall within its jurisdiction of coverage in Will,
Grundy, Kendall, DuPage and Cook Counties, Illinois.

WESCOM utilizes an outside vendor to install and maintain the alarm network and
transmitters; as well as providing billing services for installation and maintenance costs.
These fees are remitted to WESCOM on a scheduled basis, and the vendor is compensated
for their work.

WESCOM currently has approximately 980 alarm connections, and the network continues to
grow as the communities and districts in our jurisdiction grow. WESCOM charges a fee of
$50 per month for alarm monitoring services.

WESCOM currently has approximately 123 accounts that are in arrears 30 days or more,
with an estimated dollar value of $335,600.

The successful bidder will be involved in the collection of outstanding alarm maintenance
fees for WESCOM.

WESCOM reserves the right to accept all or none of the responses and to award or not award
a contract in response to the solicitation of this RFP.

Answers to Questions Submitted for RFP: FY23-01

  • How are the accounts assigned? (Manually, Electronically, etc.)
    • Manually
  • How often will WESCOM place accounts for collection? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
    • Monthly
  • How often will WESCOM report payments made directly to WESCOM?
    • WESCOM does not accept the payments. CPSI manages the invoicing process and collection of payments.
  • Does WESCOM currently utilize a revenue offset or recapture program? If so, will the vendor receive the fee on those accounts?
    • WESCOM does not utilize a revenue offset or recapture program.
  • Is WESCOM able to provide the necessary data to comply with Regulation F? Specifically (a) service date; (b) amount due on the service date; (c) fees added since the service date; and (d) any payments or credits since the service date.
    • Yes
  • Would WESCOM permit financials from privately held companies to be uploaded to a third-party secure website for WESCOM authorized reviewers to access and review this information?
    • Yes
  • What personal data will be provided to the vendor upon placement of the accounts? E.g., Social security number, date of birth, email, phone number, cell phone, etc.
    • Accounts are businesses; WESCOM will provide the information from the contract.
  • To what extent will the location of the vendor have a bearing on any award?
    • None
  • What is the total dollar value of accounts available for placement now?
    • Without our fire agencies stepping in to assist, the current value of the accounts available is approximately $365,000.
  • The RFP document states: WESCOM currently has approximately 123 accounts that are in arrears 30 days or more, with an estimated dollar value of $335,600. Does WESCOM intent to place all accounts totaling $335,600 and over 30 days old to the vendor upon execution of a contract? If not, at what age will accounts be placed and what is the projected total dollar amount of the placement?
    • WESCOM possibly intends to place all accounts over 30 days old to the vendor upon execution of the contract, but WESCOM will need our jurisdiction chiefs’ approval prior to sending accounts to collections.
  • What approximate dollar amount does WESCOM project will be placed going forward monthly after the initial placement?
    • Varies
  • Please provide an example of an “average” invoice that would be placed for collection and what would be included other than the monitoring fee of $50.00. (Installation, maintenance, transmitter charge, service, annual or monthly contract fee, interest, or penalties, etc.)
    • The average invoice is $150.00 for pre-payment of quarterly monitoring which includes a $30.00/month monitoring fee and a $20.00/month radio transmission fee. The installation for the equipment is invoiced once at the time of installation for $300.00.
  • Does WESCOM accept any return of equipment for a credit or as full or partial payment on the account? If so, what is the return policy? Will the vendor receive a fee for the return(s)?
    • WESCOM does not accept any return of equipment for a credit or as full/partial payment on the account. All equipment is owned by WESCOM, and should the business damage the equipment, they are responsible for replacement costs. The vendor will not receive a fee for returns.
  • Does WESCOM have contractual Agreements on each account? If so, could you provide an example?